8 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Dry Cleaning

The cost of dry cleaning

With all the drop-offs and pick-ups, dry cleaning may be expensive and time-consuming. Even more so if you frequently send your large collection of “dry clean only” garments to the dry cleaners. It’s one of those costs, though, that’s simple to overlook.

Here are a few suggestions to help you cut back on or even stop going to the dry cleaners altogether (yes, it is possible) and save a ton of money. Additionally, consider all the things you could buy with the money you’ll save on dry cleaning! The list is endless, but some ideas include increasing your emergency fund, putting more money toward saving for a goal, and making additional debt payments.

1. Think about getting a home cleaning kit.

The cost of a home dry cleaning kit is roughly 85% less than the cost of taking your clothing to the dry cleaner. So, to save money, use a home dry cleaning kit if your garments only need a quick refresher or are only slightly filthy. At-home dry cleaning kits from Dryel and Woolite have both received excellent reviews.

2. Recognize the difference between “dry clean” and “dry clean only”

Did you realize there’s a difference between “dry clean” and “dry clean only”? The phrase “dry clean” on garments only indicates that getting them dry cleaned is advised but not required. You can wash this piece of apparel by hand or in the washing machine.

On the other hand, “dry clean only” indicates that, given the fabric’s characteristics, dry cleaning is required. Recognize the differences, arrange your clothing appropriately, and reduce your need for dry cleaning!

3.Be familiar with your fabrics and how to maintain them.

You’ll be better prepared to take proper care of your clothing if you have a thorough understanding of the materials your clothing is composed of. Although materials like wool, cashmere, and silk require special care, dry cleaning is not the only option.

Depending on the fabric, they may be kept in good shape by gently washing with a moderate detergent and air drying. Spend some time on Google to learn how to take care of your delicates at home rather than taking them to the cleaners before you go.

4. Use a steamer or a product to remove wrinkles.

Many people avoid potential disasters by having their sensitive fabrics dry cleaned instead of ironed because sometimes doing so can destroy them. Use a wrinkle-release product while washing your clothes at home and a high-quality steamer to get rid of the creases as an option for caring for your clothing.

Both methods are less abrasive and destructive than ironing, and steamers can make your garments appear as though they just came off the rack.

5. Remove stains right away.

The dry cleaners can only remove some stains. You may, however, remove stains from your clothing on your own if you catch them as soon as they occur. Your clothing may last longer before you need to take it to the dry cleaners as a result. By swiftly removing stains, you may cut your dry cleaning expenses and stop future deterioration of your garments.

Keep a spot-cleaning pen in your purse as a pro tip.

6. Alternate wearing your “dry clean only” clothing between cleanings.

Yes, you can accomplish this. Your clothing will be sharp and clean once more after a light spraying of a non-staining delicate fabric refresher and a quick steam. You’ll get the maximum value per wear if you wear your garments more than once, in addition to saving money on dry cleaning expenses. Accept this advice because, in order to preserve the quality of clothing like jeans, even superstars don’t wash them.

7.Find a less expensive dry cleaner.

Why not browse around for a less expensive dry cleaner if all else fails and you are forced to dry clean your clothes or you are unable to completely stop dry cleaning? Shop around to see what’s available as many dry cleaners may give discounts based on your frequency or on specific days of the week.

8. Adopt a minimalist style.

Making a capsule wardrobe and wearing basic clothing is another way to save money on dry cleaning expenses. The number of dry-clean-only items you own can be reduced or replaced with more affordable clothes. It will be easier to organize your closet and spend less on clothing if you include timeless pieces in your collection that never go out of style. You can maintain your sense of style on a tight budget!

Reduce expenses to save money.

You may save money more quickly if you live frugally and cut costs wherever you can. Even though it may not seem like much at first, money eventually adds up. If you save $50 a month on dry cleaning, it comes to $600 a year. You may use that money to set aside for a luxury purchase you’ve always desired or a much-needed trip.

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