A Catchy Name For Your New Business And Being Found Online

Once you have decided to take the plunge and turn that idea that you’ve had for a business into a real moneymaking enterprise, the first thing you need to do is come up with a list of catchy business names from which to pick a name that is worthy of all the money and hours that you’re about to invest. Fortunately tools available to you on the Internet make branding a business a lot easier than it used to be. There is a new rule you need to remember though, because in the last ten years there has been a change in the criteria as to what constitutes a strong business name that’s going to be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

Certainly you will use random name generators girl Gamertags, easily found for free on the Internet, for your initial list of catchy company names. Also, enlist the aid of friends and relatives who will gladly help you with naming your new business. But as you consider name candidates, here’s a basic rule for creating catchy company names that will also help you be found by potential customers via search engines:

Every thing else being equal, you should make sure the product or service that you offer is included as a word or words in the URL of the new website that you will have to create around your business. It’s not to say that this URL has to be your entire business name, but you should make it easier for searchers who are looking for what you are offering to end up on search engine results pages that feature your new company. Having terms relevant to your business in your URL makes your new brand a catchy domain name in the eyes of search engines, and this is vital!

For example, if you are brainstorming catchy cleaning business names for your new cleaning services business in Miami, consider putting your location as well as your primary business right in the URL. This will match your site to search terms that people will enter in if they are interested in cleaning services in Miami.

It’s very simple, but a quick search around the Internet shows that many business owners have not done this when they chose a domain name to house their web presence. If the name of your cleaning service business is ‘Joe’s Cleaning’, putting the words ‘services’ and ‘Miami’ after those two words in the domain name would be an excellent way to position yourself well in the search results page right off the bat. That domain name costs nothing more than other, less search-engine-friendly domain names! And you can still call yourself Joe’s Cleaning, while helping yourself to free marketing help in the search engines.

Choosing a catchy name for your new business doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t need to hire a branding consultant to help you choose one. Simply remember that in this age of online commerce you’ll be found increasingly through Google, Bing, etc. Just as a good physical location will always aid your business relative to physical traffic, a prominent presence in search engines is absolutely necessary to to being found online.

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