AdvantaChart, OfficeEMR, and CareTRAK

AdvantaChart is a Windows-based EMR that offers simple navigation and a comprehensive patient management solution. Physicians can use it on a tablet, laptop, or desktop workstation. It has a workflow process that closely resembles those of Internal Medicine specialties, and incorporates the ACOG Antepartum record. In addition, AdvantaChart is very secure and reliable. It is an easy-to-use EMR that allows doctors to document on the go.

Business Size Served: Small – Mid iSALUS healthcare – OfficeEMR

The iSALUS healthcare – OfficeEMR is an HIPPA compliant and CCHIT 2006 certified EMR solution that combines patient information management and e-prescriptions. It can be used to streamline patient visits, improve medical record quality, and simplify the administrative tasks. It also offers practice management and billing capabilities.

Other EMR providers include MedPlexus, a cloud-based electronic medical record solution. ScriptSure from Daw Systems offers medical scheduling, charting, and lab testing. Inscrybe Healthcare provides secure exchange of electronic medical records through the USPS. Its EMR solutions are integrated with a practice management system. Other vendors include Excelicare by AxSys Technology and Binary Spectrum.


When evaluating EHR and EMR software, it’s important to understand the differences between them. A good EHR system will have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for clinicians to learn and make the transition from their existing system easier. It should also have unique tools for clinical documentation and workflow. For example, an EHR for gastroenterology should include tools that are specific to that specialty. It should also allow clinicians to document their workflow and identify areas of concern.

A good EHR system will also provide easy access to patient records. For example, MEDHOST EHR has a mobile application that makes it easy for physicians to access patient records. The software also features an integrated database.


The MEDWORXS adavantachart EMR is an ONC-ATCB certified cloud-based EMR with comprehensive practice management features. It includes revenue cycle management, built-in reports, lab integration, appointment scheduling, and billing applications. On top of that, this EMR software can qualify you for ARRA incentives.

This EMR is compatible with Windows, Linux, Citrix, and Pen-Tablets. It is easy to use and allows for comprehensive information management. It also supports a wide variety of data formats.


CareTRAK is a cloud-based EMR solution that enables hospitals to automatically analyze data across multiple patients and facilities. The solution also features true syndromic surveillance functionality, which allows a facility to focus on the risks specific to its patient population. CareTRAK is available separately, or as part of veEDIS, a best-of-breed cloud-based EMR.


The MEDHOST advantachART EMR is a comprehensive electronic health record system that provides health care providers with a comprehensive view of patient information. Its user-friendly interface helps health care professionals streamline patient administration, while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. It is interoperable with many health information systems, making it an excellent choice for any size organization.

Medhost EMR software helps health providers streamline their practices and reduce overhead costs, while increasing productivity. Its features include an embedded Natural Language Interpreter (NLI), which makes medical documentation faster and easier. It also includes a patient portal and integrates with E/M coding and billing. It also supports telemedicine, which allows physicians to access patient health information through a mobile device.


The Clicktate advantachart EHR is a web-based application for medical offices that combines patient data management and documentation. The seamless integration between documentation and patient data management ensures that all patient data is organized. Additionally, the web-based application makes it easy for physicians to access patient information anywhere and at any time. This technology is particularly beneficial for busy physicians who are faced with endless hours of handwriting SOAP notes or dictating medical progress notes.

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