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Animation Agency vs. Freelancer: The Differences Which Make A Difference

No matter what you are looking for, a service, product, or the best company. There are always never-ending options to choose from. But the most challenging part is choosing one from these countless options. 

There are times when you should just rely on the experts (or maybe it’s better if I say must instead of should). Like when flying an airplane or performing brain surgery. These are some of the basic examples of tasks that are best left to those who have professional training and qualification in the specific field. But what about less critical endeavors, such as choosing between freelancers and agencies to make an animated movie for your brand? Can’t anyone give it a shot if they have the resources to do so? It can’t be that difficult to make an animated video, considering that freelance animators are a dime a dozen these days. Actually, in theory, it isn’t. However, there is a lot more work involved in making a good animated video than meets the eye.

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a solo animator as opposed to a major animation studio like Yum Yum videos, Demo Duck or Glowza Digital to create your next video. In this article, we’ll explore both options thoroughly to help you make a well-informed choice and maximize your resources.

The Key Differences:

Money And Time

The cost savings associated with working with a freelance animator rather than a full-service studio are clear. Sure, it happens that way sometimes, but not always. Freelancing can be less expensive than employing a full-time employee in some situations, albeit the savings may be less than anticipated.

The main reason is that if you go with an inexperienced video producer or a freelance animator, you’ll likely spend less upfront, but you may have to pay extra to make changes to the storyboards, artwork, script, narration, and final animation. Asking about this beforehand can help you prevent unpleasant surprises later on in the project.

Actually, if you hire a professional animation studio, you might not have to make as many adjustments to the project as you might think. After you’ve explained what you hope to achieve, shown them some of your favorite videos, and talked about the animation styles you enjoy, they should be able to deliver exactly what you asked for. Using an agency may appear more expensive than hiring a freelancer at first, but in the long run, you will save money on unneeded revisions and may even end up with a superior product.

The Value of Proven Animation Background

Excellent independent animators can be found online. They’re capable of creating top-notch animation videos that will blow your audience away in terms of both appearance and presentation. The question is whether or not they know how to interact with people in your target demographic. When it comes to the bigger picture of your company’s goals, can they produce an animated movie to aid you in accomplishing those goals? And how easy and stress-free will their design process be for you?

All of these conditions must be met. Hiring a larger animation studio with proven experience is advantageous because of the value added by that studio’s expertise. Animated production studios typically have a wide range of industry experience, having worked with hundreds of clients. They’ll know just how to tackle your project and how to use CGI animations to further your company’s strategic aims in the market.

It’s not enough for an explainer video, company overview, or sales film to simply “look beautiful”; it must also raise awareness of your brand or lead to more conversions by adhering to industry “best practices.”

Promoting Your Product or Service

It’s important to remember, as a client working with a huge corporation, that there are a number of logistical considerations beyond the video itself. Is it possible to recommend a “one-man band” to a company’s top executive as someone who is constantly reachable by phone? What is their track record with confidentiality agreements? Your project’s success hinges on the availability of a single individual, and freelancers have a tendency to overwork themselves occasionally. Because of this, it’s possible that critical deadlines will be missed during the process. Due to these factors, working with independent contractors poses more danger than working with an agency.

Different Types And Formats Of Animated Video

There are several options to consider when creating an animated video. Including 2D, 3D, motion graphics, character animation, infographics, explainer videos, animated advertisements, and social media videos.

Whether you hire a professional animation studio like Glowza Digital or a freelance animator. Be sure they have experience and knowledge of all of them. They can recommend the finest animation styles, video formats, and promotion methods for your production. When making your decision between a freelancer and an agency, keep in mind that the service you receive will involve more than simply the final product. Choose a service that not only has a track record of success. But also knows your target demographic and has experience making animated videos in your sector.

It is also helpful to inquire about the provider’s design and production process. In order to learn more about the components that make up the end result. Determine the timeline for completion. Along with the extent of your involvement, and the updating method which will help you keep up with the progress. There’s no doubt that you’re already swamped with other responsibilities. The video production company you hire, then, should take care of everything for you.

Shared Measurable Objectives

You can tell when you are making progress and taken a huge step in the right direction. When you think the finished video is both visually appealing and conveys an important message. But does your target demographic concur?

It’s crucial to lay out your expectations for the final product. Whenever starting a video production with a freelancer or agency.

The success of an external brand awareness video could be gauged by how many people see it and then take action. Either by visiting your website or responding to a call to action presented at the end of the video). You want your social media video to go viral and receive tonnes of likes and comments.

This is because a freelance animation producer may lack substantial experience. For instance, in tracking and reporting on video views, shares, likes, comments, and other measures of performance. However, you can feel like you spent your money in vain. If you don’t know whether or not your video is helping you reach your goals.

To Conclude…

When compared to traditional print media like industry publications and newspapers. The quantitative and specific nature of video marketing gives a huge opportunity. Use this quantifiability to your advantage by teaming up with an animation studio. As that can help you reach your intended audience and motivate them to take action in response to your video. A red flag should go up about the potential value of your video. Especially if your video maker can’t assist you in reporting on the success of your film.

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