How do buying YouTube comments help make the views I bought look organic?

In this world where social media has emerged as a platform for content creators to bring loads and loads of content, buying views to grow your channel is not new. People buy views to get more ideas and boost your channel to become famous. But have you ever encountered a video with millions of views but almost negligible comments? I am sure you would have. Channel owners often buy views for the video to get viral fast and get a better ranking. And fortunately, they succeed in doing so.

But meanwhile, they need to remember that they did increase their views by buying, but their comment section still needs to be filled in as compared to the ideas the video got. So, what do you think? The audience will trust such videos and channels, so who does so? I think not. In this article, we will talk about how buying comments makes your bought views look organic. Let’s get going.

  • To improve the Engagement rate of your channel

As a channel owner, you must know about the follower engagement rate. Anyone can determine your channel’s follower engagement by comparing your followers, likes, and comments. And identifying channels with fake views and followers has become easier because of the conflicting opinions, likes, comments, and followers ratio. E.g., If an influencer or content creator has 100k followers, they should be getting at least 4,000-5,000 likes and comments above 100. Although there is no such formula, this is common sense to know if the influencer has fake or organic followers.  

And to avoid getting into such situations, you must buy views along with the comments, if your channel compulsorily requires views to get that initial boost. The number of comments you need to buy depends on the views you buy. And this is how buying comments will make your views look organic because of the engagement rate of your channel. 

  • Comments attract viewers

Buying YouTube comments and views makes your channel look healthy and organic and will attract more viewers to your channel. Why? Because who wants to refrain from indulging in the discussion in the comment section? When people read comments on your videos, they would too want to get involved in the conversation and put their views regarding the same. As we all know comment section is the most fun part of any social media platform. Channels with more comments and likes will likely have more fan following soon because it’s all about how engaging you make your social media account. And this is why everyone begs their friends to comment on their videos or photos, right? Well, make it easier and buy comments if you genuinely require them.

Points to consider while buying comments on YouTube

1- Always choose a reputable and well-known website so the chances of fraud and scams decrease.

2- Don’t trust websites that lure you by making fake promises to sell you cheap yet quality services in less time.

3- Always read all the reviews and ratings to know how the seller is working of the seller.

4- Discuss all the terms and conditions of the service and the period for which you would get the followers; otherwise, the chances are that your comments disappear from the videos just a few days after you bought them.

5- Always buy comments from a website that provides 24/7 customer service regarding the comments you purchased.

The Final Take

In a highly competitive social media space, everyone waits to overshine others. And this is what we need to do to get attention and popularity. Otherwise, all the hard work you have put into creating content will be useless. Although organic views, likes, and comments are unmatchable, they require consistent hard work, engaging content, and lots of time. 

And it’s alright if you want to make it a little easier on yourself, and instead, you choose to buy views and comments. But remember that, ultimately, what only matters is the work you put forward for the people watching you. And that decides your success or failure. Thus, whatever you choose to do, keep working hard and produce engaging yet quality content for your audience, even if you buy views and comments initially to boost your channel.

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