How does Buying Organic Spotify Plays help you get ahead of your competitors?

Starting a career on Spotify is a big step forward for aspiring musicians. Music is a priority for most people, which is why many people use the platform to become more popular. And that’s why we’re here to help you. 

Spotify Monthly Listeners: What Are They?

Spotify Monthly Listeners uses data from most Spotify monthly listeners to determine how many users return each month to watch your content. The more monthly listeners your Spotify account has, the more likely it is to become famous. Most musicians buy Spotify listeners to maintain engagement rates.

Why do we need monthly Spotify listeners? 


Her monthly Spotify listeners reflect the artist’s fame and popularity. Even if you hit her 100,000 views, if you don’t have a lot of monthly listeners, they might think you manipulated the views yourself. So to show your credibility and strength, you need to get enough listeners on Spotify monthly. And you can reach that number by buying monthly Spotify listeners for your tracks. Spotify has a lot of competition. So if your content isn’t unique and original enough, it may not rank well.

To give you the boost you need, you need to gain Spotify listeners every month and gain credibility.

  1. Looks legit.

More monthly Spotify listeners make your profile look more authentic. By nature, people are attracted to high-performing and popular profiles. If you have a lot of listeners on your Spotify profile each month, people are more likely to take you seriously, making you seem legit.

  1. Enhance Spotify search.

Spotify shows the top artists with the most monthly users. So when users search for new music in the search bar, the accounts with the most monthly followers appear at the top of the list. So if you can get Spotify listeners, you can be on the top list of searches.

As of 2015, it ranks among Spotify’s best advertising companies. It provides leading independent artists with authentic, organic, and legal Spotify marketing. Playlist Promotion connects over 50 million potential listeners with its over 3,000 expertly curated music playlists, maintains regular contact with curators, and over the years, the music library I’ve been tracking activity and growth.

This Spotify advertiser has nearly 40 years of music marketing experience recognised by ABC News, Grammys, MTV News, Professional Audio Magazine, and many other prestigious publications. BTS, Major Lazer, Bring Me The Horizon, Tiesto, French Montana, and Farid Bang are prominent musicians we have worked with outside the independent genre. Their idea is that the musicians are either lesser known or not too famous. It helps artists of all kinds find the right playlist.

They like to be fast, honest and efficient and always welcome the opportunity to discuss their work. Please get in touch with us by phone or email. Experience it yourself.

For over 25 years, this music promotion organisation has supported musicians and has partnered with over 250 artists to demonstrate their integrity, hard work, and innovation. 

Her business focuses on effective playlist placement, offering tracks with a significantly increased presence in various playlists. 

  1. Playlist Push

What makes this service special? With Playlist Push, musicians can receive comments directly from curators and gain greater insight into why they added (or didn’t add) songs to their playlists. This artist-curator exchange is especially beneficial for artists. You can discover why your song is attractive to playlist curators, how the decision-making process is evolving, and how you can ultimately increase your chances of being featured in future playlists.

However, customers have reported that playlist push results vary depending on genre and music quality. Some of our customers have tried Playlist Push and admitted that their music was only in a few playlists and only played a few hundred times.

  1. Submission Hub A service that allows

musicians to post their work directly to their Spotify playlists, curators, YouTube channels, and blogs. After opening an account on Submit Hub, artists purchase credits to pay for their songs. They set a credit value for each curator, so it’s a service that fits your budget.

They are always looking for new playlist curators, so we spent $600 in tokens and submitted songs to virtually every curator in the song category. Produced and mixed by a prestigious studio that has worked with famous singers like Beyoncé, the rejection was not due to the song or its quality. Eight of the playlist listings were fake, three listings had a combined follower reach of over 6,000, and two playlists were inactive. As a result, I was dissatisfied with the service provided by Submit Hub.

While our experience may be unique, we’ve seen multiple Reddit users experiencing similar results. Our experience gave the impression that Submit Hub doesn’t care about the activity of the site’s curators or the playlists they use. 

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