Let’s Go Back To The Aughts 

The generation belonging from 2000 to 2009 is called The Aughts. The reason is that people were wearing anything they liked and most of it needed to be made more sense. But somewhere or the other to designers by making some amends it started to make sense. And soon after making some improvements the same style with a new touch was loved by everyone. Come have a look at some of the trends that were and are still in vogue.   

Butterfly Tops

If you want to feel like a butterfly then this top is all you need. These days they are so much in trend, wherever you will go, somewhere or the other they will be available. These tops give a bit more of a girly look. When paired up with jeans or skirts they look exceptional. And not only is the general public in love but Dua Lipa was also spotted wearing this top in 2021 and was looking spectacular.  

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are almost everyone’s favorite. The trend of minis started after the cheerleaders started to wear them. More than games people were much more interested in watching them. Doesn’t matter what’s your age they will always make you look more feminine. From plain to printed skirts you can go for anything you like. In addition, you can wear them in all seasons. In summer style yourself as you like and as a matter of winter, style a mini skirt with a short blazer, long socks, and boots. Or if you feel extremely cold then go for stockings, but why dump clothes that you like to wear just because of winter?    

Low-Rise Pants 

If you belong to the 2000 generation then you must have seen low-rise pants in many movies or songs. Because this fashion is from that period, along with men, women too used to wear this. You can easily style your low-rise pants with a crop top and in winter just add a bomber, denim jacket, or fur coat. All you need to rock at night parties is this attire. In this you can play with the type of fabric, for the night you can go for satin. Moreover, if you want to wear them during the day then go for cotton, corduroy, or any other fabric you like. When you wear this you don’t need any other accessory but if you feel too empty then just add on a piece of earring.    


The benefit of sequins cloth is that you don’t have to make many amendments to that. As the glitters are enough to make you shine especially at night. From top to skirt or a dress anything can be created with it. With this, you don’t need any bold accessories as the shimmer will create all the magic, so go for a subtle sling bag and a pair of contrasting heels. Because if you take accessories eye catchy, the attention will be diverted from the dress to the accessories.  


 Culottes are wide-legged capris with mid-calf length. With this, you can pair a shimmery top or even a subtle top depending on where you are going. If you want a party look then go for a glittery top and with that wear a pair of heels. But with these, if you want a casual look in winter then go for a comfy top and layer it up with denim or a fur jacket and pair it with sneakers or high heels boots.

Scarf Tops 

Scarf tops are one of the inventions of DIY-ing, that has managed to stop on top of the most fashionable clothing. Except for a top, it can also be a scarf, hair wrap, belt, bag accessory, and in many other things it is used. In summer you can easily flaunt your skin by pairing a scarf top with jeans or shorts. A light neckpiece will just do fine to complete your casual look. 

 Hot Pink

 Want a barbie look?

Almost everyone loves to wear pink from top to bottom. Then let it be male or female, as these days there is no bar for patterns and colors. Love for pink started after the barbie movies, as they made everything look pretty and girly. 

Have you ever tried a hot pink monochromatic look?

Take inspiration from this year’s Billy Porter dress. A hot pink blazer with a skirt and a matching clutch. Or Paris Hilton’s 2001 look in which she was wearing a hot dress with a matching hat, make-up, and hand gloves. They both have set the example of wearing hot pink on any occasion.  

Make it Personalised 

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