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What Should You Know Before Buying Bulk T-Shirts Online | How To Place Order?

“Wholesale shopping is quite easier and cost-effective than buying from a retail market”.

So, when it comes to finding the best bulk supply agency, many find it daunting! But with this guide, it will feel like icing on the cake! Buying bulk t-shirts for printing is one of the easiest ways to get large quantities at low prices. If you don’t know how bulk supply gives profit to businesses? Or how you could easily order bulk shirts for printing; this guide is for you.

Moreover, bulk buying has its own advantages! Whether you buy a short-sleeved t-shirt or a long-sleeved one, go for a hoodie or sweatshirt. Any piece of clothing apparel becomes cost-efficient when you purchase it in bulk. So buying more means spending less!

So now, before we conclude! Here is everything you need to know about buying bulk t-shirts. And how to place a bulk order for t-shirt printing. Here we go!

Things You Should Consider Before Placing An Order?

In addition, these are a few key points you should consider to make the most out of it as a buyer. So, let’s get into each one by one!

Go For Multiple Sizes:

If you want to place an order for custom printing t-shirts, select the right sizes for the bulk items! If you get a wide variety of sizes for t-shirts, it would be best because with huge variety comes many different ideas to design your clothing line. However, another important aspect is getting the right sizes for custom t-shirts. 

To support this key point here is an example: Suppose you want to order bulk t-shirts for a wide target. And suppose your target is kid’s clothing apparel. In this case, you must ensure that your primary focus is between the toddlers to youth sizes. In this regard, Wholesale Gildan Blank T-shirts offer true sizes to the value you pay!

Less Colours Are Best:

So, the wholesale bulk supply company might give you a huge color palette to pick from when it comes to color printing. However, what we believe, is less is more! So, eight colors would be more than enough for your custom design t-shirts! 

It would be great to choose the popular colors from the palette; this will make it easy for you to save on your spending. The important factor here is to get the sleek and classic designs, whether you get it in five colors or eight colors.

Moreover, another key point to mention here is whenever you are looking to place an order, make sure to get a good idea about for what purpose you are buying the t-shirts?

For example, if you order shirts for an upscale event, it would be great to go with minimal colors. However, if the t-shirts are for a more active event, then a few colors could also do the work! So ensure to order what adds value!

Buy More, Spend Less:

As discussed earlier, getting more means less spending in the wholesale market! So getting bulk orders from any reputable and trustable wholesale market like Wholesale Gildan Blank T-shirts or a private label company could be your best bet.

Shop by Top-Notch Brands:

For bulk quantity t-shirts, shop from the most trusted wholesale website that you know sells the best quality at cut-down prices. So purchase bulk t-shirts from a massive collection to cater to your customer’s needs and wants in the best way. However, ensure that you buy wholesale t-shirts at affordable prices because wholesale rates are always less than the retail price.

Follow-Up New Fashion Trends:

When it comes to wholesale apparel, they don’t just put what’s basic, but they have a huge stock of all the latest fashion trends in the market. Consumers have different tastes in brand, fashion, and style, so keeping oneself updated about the latest fashion trends helps in the long run. If you always follow up on what’s in, and what has become outdated, people will recognize you with this idea; this brand has the trendiest outfits of all time!

So here are a few options you can pick from to make your own clothing line:

  • Opt for a 100% cotton tie-dye t-shirt
  • Or look for streetwear fashion
  • Blank t-shirts for printing are also a great option and the cheapest one.

Moreover another key point is to look for necklines, cuts, colors, patterns, and style variations. Go with the popular choice.

Shipment and Delivery

Last but not least, it’s equally important that your orders should be processed and delivered promptly. Finding a company that offers a return or exchange policy would be your business’s best bet.


In conclusion, buying bulk apparel at affordable wholesale prices is profitable for businesses only if you know what you invest in is useful for your brand or customers! If you order from a trustable website, things will work your way, so it would be a great idea to do thorough market research on the wholesale website you are purchasing your bulk items from.

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